Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No, I ain't dead . . .

I haven't really been busy(OR DEAD), just distracted. I have read most of the blogs that I am subscribed to, even if I didn't leave a post. I got over the pneumonia without ever going to a DR. I still get to coughing from time to time, but that may just be temp changes from going in and out. My lungs feel clear.

The chickens are doing well. I lost one and almost lost a couple others to worms. The one I lost was a Gold Comet named Celeste. The day she looked sick was just too late. Chickens are so good at hiding problems. I wormed her, but it was too late. She died that night. My bantam Mottled Cochin Cockerel got such a vitamin nutrient deficiency that he had a seizure. He took a few days, but made a full recover. There are a couple more, but all have recovered. I was using Ivomec for worming, but what ever parasite this is the Ivomec doesn't kill. I had just bought a bottle of Valbazen with the intentions of switching wormers when this all starter. The Valbazen does the job and has saved them.

This young man is my potential breeder for next year.He is a Black Standard Cochin. When I took this picture he was only 6 months old. This show line is very slow to mature and he had/has alot of filling out left to do. I plan to show him in a couple months. Come April he will replace his dad with the 5 standard Cochin Hens. His dad is moving in with some Black Giant Laying Hens. He will have 11 hens to keep his retirement enjoyable. He is with the laying hens during the days anyway so a permanent move will not be difficult. He just has to learn to go to roost with them in their house and not walk back to the Cochin house.