Sunday, November 27, 2011

Here Again

I am finally getting back to blogging. I missed reading everyone's blogs for so long. I have been sick and with the lack of energy I just didn't feel like sitting here reading. The end of last month I was feeling off, but mostly just tired. Nov 2 I got up with an upper respiratory infection with a cough. As that started clearing up after 4-5 days it moved south into my lungs. This was my first experience with walking pneumonia. The hardest part was trying to take care of the chickens. A round of the coops and I was gasping for breath and coughing my head off. I had NO energy and stayed completely exhausted. I was flat out useless. It is taking forever to get over this crap. The first 2 weeks were the worst. All I wanted to do was take a good deep breath. We had several days of beautiful weather that I was not able to take advantage of. I have so many projects that I want/need to finish.

My lungs have cleared up quite a bit, but I am still coughing and still have some fluid in my lungs. Maybe I should have gone to a doctor.

I skipped Thanksgiving. Everyone went up to my Brother's house in TN. I just did not want to go across the mountain. I figured it would get me sick again and I wanted to go to a Poultry show.

The poultry show last weekend was in Winston-Salem, NC. There were over 1500 birds in the show. It was a great showing of alot of very nice birds. I spent about an hour taking pictures and another hour talking. That was about it for me. That amount of dander and dust has had me coughing at full blast since I got home.

More in a few days.