Tuesday, October 25, 2011

FPC Show, county fair,

This week I have been getting ready for the Friendship Poultry Club's Annual Fall Poultry Show in Morganton, NC. The show is at the Burke County Fairgrounds this coming Saturday. Lots of info on the BYC post about it. Sunday we set the show up for 650 birds. We all assumed that the giant Crossroads Show up in Indiana would make this a smaller then normal show. Not to mention a new law about AI testing for out-of-state exhibitors. Well we were WRONG. Tomorrow I am meeting 2 other guys at the fairgrounds to setup cages for an additional 200 birds. Should be a nice show. As far as weather it seems they rain is clearing out, but the temps will be cool for some. I am not showing. I love shows, but lost interest in actually showing. Not to mention my best birds are molting. I figure I will get back in to the actual showing sooner or later.

A couple weeks ago was the Burke County Fair. Mom and I entered alot of entries. We didn't do as well as we would have liked, but I ended up with $45 in premium wins and she got $44. This year was a bit chaotic. Those in the office didn't seem to know what those outside were doing/promising. The fair has been going down hill the last several years and this year was even worst. I remember when that fair was full of people everyday from the time it opened till they closed. Now the rides are getting fewer, they only take up about half the fairgrounds now. There are fewer barkers running games. The exhibits are also getting thin. They no longer have the motocross races, bike tricks, or even the demolition derby. Man those were fun to watch. I haven't seen a pig race in 10 years. It is really a disappointment that they are running it into the ground. They need new blood to run it, but the old folks in charge will never give up control.

Back to chickens: Alot of birds are molting. I couldn't even tell you how many are in various stages of molting. This means less then 20% egg production. Oh well. They have good food, clean water, and warm/safe houses to sleep in. I just have to be patient till spring. When the days get longer the egg count better go up.


Friday, October 14, 2011

a post just to post

Not sure what to post about. I just feel I should make a post since I haven't made one in a month. The birds are molting, so the egg count is WAY down. One of the Sexlink pullets got pushed off the roost and broke her neck. She was never too bright and kept wanting to roost with the older birds on the top rung. That morning she was fine when I open the houses at 7:30 am. At 10am when I did a walk through she was stiff.

Other then that I guess everything is going fine. Entered a bunch of flowers, vegetables, pictures, and canned goods in the Burke county Fair. Did well enough, but not as well as I expected. I just don't have alot of enthusiasm about much of anything right now. I really need sleep.