Thursday, September 15, 2011

Another month of updates

I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month. I originally started this blog with the intent of posting at least weekly. This once a month is ridiculous.

Anyways ... Not much has happened the last month. I sold a couple extra Roosters, then ate a few that I knew we would never be able to find homes for.

I went to a the First SemiAnnual Carolina Chickenstock in Lincolton, NC on August 27th. It was a fun day with a crowd of poultry folks. I think there were 30+ folks there selling with buyers walking all around.

I spent the week and a half after that sick. That Monday was the start of it and I went down hill fast. It was some sort of stomach bug. I didn't eat for 3 days. My energy level was zero and I couldn't stay awake. I had to force myself to eat a turkey sandwich, which I managed to keep down and made me feel a little better. Took almost another week to get back to normal. Don't know what it was, but I could have done without it. Though I did lose 32 pounds in 10 days. That is what I call a crash diet.

Ok, back to birds. I have a few more to sell before winter. A trio of Mille Fleur d'Uccles.A pair of my Calicos.These 2 sets have been raised together by a broody hen. They were born May 31 and are currently in their final molt into adult feathers.

I also have a pair of mixed Standard Pullets to sell that are the result of a welsummer roo getting to my best black Cochin hen. These ladies have alot of growing to do and are going to be HUGE.

I lost a hen last week, but finally found her STUCK in a roll of wire. She had jammed herself in there after something and could not back out because her feathers would catch. She spent 24 in there with no food or water, but 'Midnight' was perfectly fine.

Other then that everything has just been going along in a nice smooth routine. I like PLAIN and routine.

The first Fall NC Poultry show is 6 weeks from Saturday on Oct 29 in Morganton, NC. I am looking for to the shows. I doupt I will show, but I really like to see other's birds. The best part for me is the people with similar interests. To be able to have a long conversation about chickens with someone and see their eyes glaze over is wonderful.