Friday, August 12, 2011

So Far For August

***August 2nd***
The one time you miss a door to a coop you will know what predators you have running around at night. This was the scene that morning where a broody Pigie, white bantam cochin, was setting on an empty nest in the Bantam Cochin Coop.About 3 am Mom turned my bedroom light on and woke me up for an unbelievably deep sleep.
What I was told: A few minutes before Mom was awakened by a screaming hen. On the way out she yelled at me. Once outside she yelled again twice. She got to the screaming that was coming from the bantam cochin coop. With the flashlight she saw a HUGE possom on top of Pigie in her nest. The possum turned with a mouth full of feathers and hissed. Mom looked back towards the house and yelled at Dad to grab my gun, Ruger 10/22 loaded and ready is in reach just before you go out the backdoor. When she turned back the possum had went the back of the house and Pigie was laying outside the nest on the floor. Dad got there in a panic and had trouble figuring out how to take the safety off in the dark. He pointed and pulled the trigger. Shot the possum through the head with a 22 hollow point. Mom grabbed up Pigie and started back towards the house, Dad shot the possum again. Mom and Dad both thought something was wrong with me. I was fine, just asleep. I don't sleep and it was really odd for me not to be out the door first. For the first time in 3 days I had finally gone to sleep about an hour before and went down deep. The Cochin coop is about 30 yards from my open window, but none of this woke me up. Not my screaming hen, not Mom yelling, and not even a 22 going off twice.

What I witnesed: I awoke to see mom standing there with a white mass of feathers. I was so far into a deep sleep that it took a couple minutes for everything to register. Pigie was in shock, but had no visible injuries. Just alot of missing feathers. Being a loose feathered cochin is what kept her safe long enough to be rescued. The possum got nothing but feathers for its last meal. Being in shock Pigie would not stand or use her legs. She just kept trying to go to sleep. I kept her awake for about an hour. Mom got a carrier ready for her to stay in the house. I put her in and let her go to sleep. Early that morning I got her out to make sure her legs worked. She walked around and complained so I put her back in. I kept her dark till 9:30. She was doing well so she went back out after a mealworm treat. I took her to her Lot. She got some water and went into the coop. She was favoring her left side, but otherwised seemed fine. I sat her out several times that day to make sure she was back to eating. By the evening the limp was gone and she seemed back to normal. Even this didn't break her from being broody.All in all Pigie ended up with ALOT of bruising on her left side and 4 cuts/scrapes that we cleaned and medicated. Those have heeled now and most of the bruising is gone. She is still broody and is refusing to give up on the empty nests. I know she will not break till she starts to molt this Fall.

August 7th:
We now have a new LGD(Livestock Guardian Dog). Mom and I went and picked her up on Sunday. She growls/barks at anything new and completely ignores the chickens.

Does anyone remember seeing Pekingese on the LGD list?Ok, maybe she should be called a LAD(Livestock Alarm Dog) since she is too little to protect anything. That is standard welded wire behind her. From that you can see she is about 6" at the shoulder. She came with the name 'Princess', but Mom has decided she is more of the 'Dixie'. That has led to an official name of 'Princess Dixie', though we will just call her 'Dixie'.She has taken up with Dad and follows him everywhere while she is outside. When mom gets home Dixie becomes her dog again. This particular LAD is inside more then out.

She does not like me yet. Her first evening she was extremely nervous and I was the one that caught her to move her to section off the house. She gets half the house at night with access to Mom and Dad's room. I am on the other side with Tabitha . I call Dixie "Growl Butt" since she is still growling at me. She is starting to let me pet her and will take treats from me. I guess I just have to take it slow and be patient.

We had Pekingese many years ago while I was growing up. I need to find the old pictures and scan then in. Except for the cream coloring on Dixie, she looks exactly like my 'King'. King got out and ran over on my 8th birthday. It was during the party and I haven't had another birthday party since. After King was Dusty, Little Foot, Cuddles, Lidia, Rowdy, and puppies every couple years from Cuddles and Little Foot. They made beautiful babies. Dusty, a rescue we did, was Little Foot's Mother. All have been gone for many years, but I will always love the breed because of them.

**That is about all that has happened so far this month. Just been too Hot and Humid to do anything outside for any amount of time. By the time I check and fill waterers, I am spent and soaked. The extreme heat(for us) seems to have broke for awhile. Hopefully I can get some work done around here.

**I have been reading all the blogs that I subscribe too, but have not commented very much.