Monday, June 13, 2011

Babies and newest additions

I took some pictures Friday and thought I would share. I currently have 5 Broodies with a total of 33 babies. That will most likely be it for this year, unless I go into chick withdraw in late Summer.

Daisy, standard Orpington, has her 7 babies that were hatched May 20th. 3 Standard Black Cochins, 1 Standard Blue Cochin, and 3 Standard Black Cochin mixes.
Pockets, Bantam Cochin, has 3 that were hatched April 15th. She lost several for different reasons, but she is a great mother. She has a Blue Cream Light Brown Dutch, a Cream Light Brown Dutch, and a B&W from my bantam mutts. All her remaining chicks are little ladies.
Lacy, bantam cochin, has 7 babies that were hatched April 15th. 2 Cream Light Brown Dutch Boys, 1 Cream Light Brown Dutch Girl, a pair of Blue Cream Light Brown Dutch, and a pair of Faverolle Mixes.
Big Sis, Bantam Cochin, has 8 little ones that were hatched May 19th. 6 of the Tricolored mutt bantams and 2 of the B&W ones.
The last mother is Dumpling, a mottled d'Uccle bantam. She has 8 babies that were hatched May 31st. 6 Mille Fleur d'Uccles and 2 of the Tricolored mixes. These eggs were the first 100% hatchrate I have had in several years. She has no interesting in her babies being seen and took them around the house as soon as I got close.
Got 5 Gold Comets from a friend a couple weeks ago. They have settled in and enjoy getting to go where they want. I actually bought them as chicks from Shook Poultry. I was planning to keep a few for myself, but a family friend bought them all from me. He called a couple weeks ago and told me to come get mine. He had got them all expecting to lose a few. He only lost 4-5 out of 60+ chicks and needed to get rid of a few. I brought these 5 home with me. That is JJ, my big Standard Show Cochin, trying to stay cool. The pure Cochins with Daisy are his children. That is Karla in the back. We rescued her a few months ago and she really likes JJ now.

Hope you enjoyed the quick post of baby pictures.