Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Still Here

A month has pasted since my last post. I am not sure how I managed to keep putting it off so long, but I am still here.

* * * Mother Hens * * *
Both mother hens have done a wonderful job with their babies. Pockets still has her 4 and Lacy her 7. The little ones are growing well and several are getting really independent. Here is Lacy 4 days ago taking a dust bath. Most of the babies were asleep while mama was busy, but I woke them up.
Also have 2 more hens with new babies. Daisy, a standard Buff Orpington, has 7 Standard Cochins. Well 2 are mixes, but the other 5 are from my show birds. Originally Maggie, an Ameraucana, was supposed to be their mother, but when a newly hatched baby rolled out from under her she ignored it. I found the baby and thought it was dead. It was non responsive and cold. I removed the other 3 babies and unhatched egg and gave them to Daisy. I had a few others in a bator hatching as well which she got later. Daisy took them immediately even though she was setting an empty nest. She is turning out to be a fierce mother and I have the marks on my arm to prove it.Anyways, I was about to take the dead one to bury it when its beak slighty moved. I waited and the beak moved again. I took the baby and put it in the incubator. After an hour it was trying to lift its head. Another hour and it had rolled upright and stretched out. At 5 hours it was completely normal. Here is the 'not so dead' chick the next day.
Big Sissy, bantam cochin, has 8 babies from my mutt bantams. 5 are tricolored, 2 Blank and Whites, and 1 mystery. The 2nd and 3rd pics in my blog banner at the top are what the tricoloreds will look like.

* * * Other Things * * *
The gardens, flower and veg, are coming along nicely. The first of my dahlias is just barely starting to open. The Tulips and Daffodils have died back and that bed is getting planted in annuals this week. I do this for one reason and that is entrees for the local fairs. I cleared $99.50 between the 2 fairs last year.

I went to a Poultry Show in Newport, TN on May 7th. That was the first time I had been to that particular show. It will be the last as well. The folks are great, but the facilities are HORRIBLE. There were also several sick birds in the show. I am glad I did not show. If I had of registered birds they would have not entered the building. NO WAY would my birds be put that close to sick birds. Once I got home I immediatly put my dirty clothes and shoes in the washer and took a shower. I only went through the building once, but managed to take some pictures. An album is here, Newport Show.

I built a new coop for the Mottled Cochin trio and friends. It is 3'x4' and eventually there will be 5 girls and a Roo in there. The coops are only for sleeping and have next boxes for the girls. It is not finished but close enough that they can sleep safely at night. It is just too blasted HOT and HUMID to do anything right now. No pics right now.

There is more, but I think I have went on long enough for one post.