Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Families and a Nestbox Giveaway

**11 days old**
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Lacy has 7 babies. Lacy is a pet quality Birchen Cochin. She has 5 Cream Light Brown/Blue Cream Light Brown Dutch, 1 bantam Faverolle, and a Faverolle mix(yellow with black wings).
Pockets is a show quality Bantam Cochin. She has 2 Dutch and 2 from my mixed pets. The black and white is from Baby Oreo and Andy. It will look like oreo if it is a pullet or a B&W Andy if it is a cockerel. The Black is from Andy and Midnight(bottom right of the previos link).Pockets originally had 7. One Dutch I helped hatch, but really shouldn't have. It had a leg that was fussed bent at the knee and dead below that. There was no way for it to recover, so we put it down. A Dutch was found on it's back dead 10 minutes after I let them out to explore in their 8x10 pen when they were 2 days old. A second Oreo baby died a couple days later from some sickness. The last 4 have been fine since.

**Nestbox Giveaway**
The fine folks over at Life on a Southern Farm are giving away a "HenPals" Chicken Nest Box.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicken Med-Kit

I have been asked several times what all I keep on hand for those just in case moments. I figured I might as well post the entire medkit I keep handy.

* Tylan 50 - injectable - great for respiratory problems
* Amoxicillin 250 mg capsules - Sold in petstores/feedstores/online as Fish-Mox - Works for almost any bacterial infection of wounds and respiratory.
* Sulmet - Liquid you add to water - used to treat Cocci
* 3-1 Ointment - any triple antibiotic ointment will work, just make sure it has NO pain killer in it.
* VetRx - 2-3 bottles are kept. vicks vaporub for chickens with an immuno bost.
* Oxytet or one of the others - low grade Water soluble shotgun antibiotic, mostly for preventing secondary infection.

Parasite Control:
* Ivomec - 1% cattle injectable, but I do NOT inject it. I apply to the skin to be absorbed to take care of both internal and external bugs. Change wormers every 2 years to limit resistence.
* Watkins Red liniment - Add small amount to water for a natural wormer and digestive system adjuster.
* Sevin Dust - 5% carbyll
* Poultry and Garden dust - Permethrin based

* Oxine AH - Good Article - If any bird is sick I mist the entire coop each morning and night to help keep it from spreading.
* Bleach - for cleaning waterers, bators, and other equipment.
* Iodine

* 18 gauge needles - I keep a couple of these for drawing the thick wormer
* 25-28 gauge needles - these I use for the smaller bantams
* 22-25 gauge needles - for standards
* 1 CC syringes(no needle) - These are the ones I use for injections when needed
* 3 CC syringes(no needle) - I use these for worming birds one at a time with 3-7 drops

* Aspirin - 5 tablets to a gallon of water for a mild pain killer
* Epson Salt - 1 teaspoon dissolved in 1 ouce of water. 2-6 CC of solution is giving orally to clean out the system quickly in the case of toxin injestion.
* Rags - Towels and napkins for various issues and a couple cloth rags.
* q-tips
* short and long tweezers
* Vet Wrap and non-stick gauze - For covering wounds.
* Good Scissors
* Good Knife
* Needled and thread - plain thread works just fine. It will absorb.
* Squirt Bottles - several in the 16-32 ounce range that can make a very fine cloud of mist or stream.
* Measuring cups and spoons
* Colored Leg bands/zip ties to put on birds if I need to keep tract of one in the crowd of like birds.
* Pad of paper to keep tract of everything and a pen.

Hatchet - For a quick end when all else fails

I know this seems like alot and more then a little over kill, but what if you need it and don't have it. Besides most it is budget friendly and long lasting.


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Incubator Eggs.

There are still 30 eggs in the bator. I candled out 6. 5 of those were infertile and 1 started, but stopped after just a few days. The others are all coming along.I wasn't planning for more then a few to hatch, but I just couldn't resist filling the bator up.

We lost power in Monday night's storms for about 6 hours. After being without power for 90 minutes I moved the eggs from the bator and placed them under a couple hens to keep warm. I shouldn't lose too many with the cool spell.

I brought the eggs back in after the power had been on for an hour or so. I can't leave them out with the hens yet because the ladies are not seperated from those still laying. If I left them the others would push in and eggs would get broke. This weekend I will have a couple broody houses and lots cleared and cleaned, so I can get a couple settled and then move the eggs out to let the girls finish hatching them.

I finally got some sleep last night. I had gone so long without sleep that I was getting physically sick. The exhaustion was bad enough, but when the nausea and headaches started I gave up and took a pill. I hate taking pills to sleep, but I really had to sleep. I slept a little over 4 hours last night. I am still tired, but finally ate without having to fight to keep it down and my head has settled down. Today I can think straight, so I need to work on the new Bantam Mottled Cochin house. Hammering wasn't fun when I saw 3 nails. LOL. I try to always hit the one in the middle. :) I only managed to whack one of my fingers.