Sunday, March 27, 2011

Finally set some eggs

This is my first setting of eggs this year. There are Dutch eggs, Bantam Faverolle, and eggs from my pet mutts.The tiny eggs are the Dutch Bantams. They are actually white with some light cream colored ones, but the camera made them all brown. That the the setting tray for my King Suro 20. I rearranged the eggs to get one more in there for a total of 36.

I started these yesterday, but I have the bator running half a degree high to hatch a day early. I will move a few eggs to a standard sized broody a few days before they are due so that they hatch under the hen. I have ordered some chicks from Shook Poultry. They are about 40 miles down I-40 from me, so I can go pick the chicks up on April 14th. I am only keeping about 5 of the chicks and those will be going to the prepared broody hen. As long as a chick hatches under her the adoption process goes simply. I just remove the bantam chicks and put in the standard ones. The bantams will go to a bantam broody or 2 that I have around that will also have some of the bator eggs to hatch out themselves. Spring has Sprung and I have 7 hens that are fully broody and countless others that are heading that way.


Thursday, March 10, 2011

This and That...

Wow, it has been over 2 weeks since my last post.

We lost little 'Sandy' to a neighbor's husky that climbed 2 fences to get in to the chickens.Mom was pissed. Sandy was her little girl. Sandy was the friendliest little girl you have ever met. For once Animal Control came out and dealt with the situation. The Husky is back in the house where they had kept her since the fines over a year ago because of a different neighbor's kid almost getting bit.

There was a Poultry show on March 5th at the Burke County Fairgrounds. This show is normally in Salisbury, but that club was forced to relocate the show on short notice.There were over 900 birds registered. Even with the dreary wet weather, the outside sales were busy.

I was planning to put a run of bantam eggs in the bator, but have decided against it. I just don't have the energy to deal with chicks. Lack of sleep has me completely run down, insomnia is great. I have decided to sell some of my adult birds. They are a bit crowded in the hen house and I just don't have the motivation to build a new house for them. I am selling some Black Australorp laying hens as well as my last breeding quad of Ameraucanas.

Oh and the "This" and "That" part of the post are actually a couple of Silver Laced Cochins in the living room. They are about 9 weeks old and need to start going out at least on warm days. That is if we ever have some dry days. If you take the top off the box/brooder they jump out in a second. They run around the living room looking for treats. They bite toes and fingers and will eat anything you give them. They love the mealworms and have found the bins once. I don't have a lid for the top bin. The little pigs were feasting fast when I figured out where they were while I was cleaning their box. They are both girls and will eventually join Chitter Butt's flock of pet cochins. I will get pictures if they will be still.

One last thing is the most spoiled outside cat you have ever seen.Dad was egg hunting(evidence in left hand) and Barbara just had to stop him for a brushing. Her long hair is really bad for getting matted. There are 4 brushes in different places outside for when she wants a good brushing.

My brain is fuzzing out again, so I am going to go lay on the bed and watch the clock till morning. AGAIN.