Sunday, December 26, 2010


It started snowing Christmas Morning about 9am. We ended up with 8 inches.

As always, click on the pictures for the full sized version.
Little Spot is NOT happy. He jumped out of his pen/lot only to sink down to his wattles in the snow. There is no crust on it yet, so the lighter birds can't go anywhere. Spot is a runt Dutch bantam. He is full grown, but only weighs 13 ounces. I am looking for him a home. He is a very sweet little man. I got him out of the snow and put him under the picnic table. He was picking up the snow and calling for girls. WrongWay, mixed girl that is his, would NOT come. If you go to the album below you can see her in the picture with the pair of silkies. That is where they sleep.The freerange bantams are staying in/under their house. This is their house under the big cherry tree. I hope that snow falls before the winds come in.If you would like to see more my album is public. Feel free to hav a look.
Snow Album


Friday, December 17, 2010

PROOF and a big bird

Everyone knows that when you open a new bale of shavings they can smell kind of strong. Some enjoy the smell, but my sinuses don't. If I can't stand it then I never put them straight into a brooder. Instead I have a couple of those old bushel baskets that I fill with shavings and let them air out. I normally keep 1 basket full all the time. That way I always have some if needed.

Lately someone has been spreading shavings all over the feed section of the building. There are even shavings on the table and the corn can.

I already knew what/who was doing it, but now I have PROOF!!!Barbara was annoyed at being woke up. That sun is really warm today, it almost fells like Spring. She even curled her upper lip at me. You can see her exposed upper K9s if click on the pic to see the full sized one. Not taking the hint I got a better shot then had to pet her.By this time is was, "OK, you caught me, now go away and let me sleep."

This was my amusement for the day(find it where ever you can).

I was originally out getting shots of what was scaring the crap out of the chickens. This bird flew over the area about 20 times in a circular pattern.The Seal is the NC Highway Patrol. Sadly they are looking for an elderly lady with alzheimer's. With the urgency of the search I assume she is in the later stages. There have been several vehicles go around the neighberhood. I hope they find her before it starts getting dark. It may feel like spring now, but tonight is going right back down below freezing.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas...Bah! Humbug!

I have tried to get into the Christmas Spirit, but I can't. I do love Christmas Music and listen to it all the time. That is about as far as it goes. I just have ZERO interest in Christmas this year. I am always down this time of year, but this year is just a waste of time.

I went out in the building and went through the lights. Thought that would get me going. I replaced all the bad bulbs and got the carriers of light strings ready. Then I just packed them away and put them back for next year. oh well.

I guess I will pull the tree out this weekend. Everyone is coming here for Christmas and mom at least wants a tree. Yes, I still live at my parents house. 31 year old loser has no means to go anywhere else.

I did all my christmas shopping. Got something for my Brother and Sister-in-Law. A card with cash for each Nephew. Dad wants cash to go to a specific shop for a new chain and replacement blade cover/oiler thingy(technical term) for his favorite chainsaw. Mom is a mystery so it will most likely be a gift card. Her Birthday is 3 days after christmas so I have to find something for that too.

I don't know why I am so down on Christmas. Maybe it is because I am a hermit. I don't give out my address, then again nobody asks for it either, so I don't get Christmas cards. I am rarely anywhere, but home, so no "merry christmas" greatings from those happy people you just want to smack. OH well, no big deal, just another season of COLD weather. At least I have my birds.

OK, that is it for my pitty party. I do not want fake sympathy merry christmases either. They are just insurting.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow, COLD, back to Laying, etc...

This was Saturday.I had made a feed run on Wednesday and left my truck in the back yard. It is hard to see, but there are about 40 birds under there. LoveBug, Blue Standard Cochin, is in front of the passenger side tire. There is a Black Australorp to the right heading around the work shed wall to the open side and that is Friendly in the middle making a run for the shed. Friendly was bought at TSC 2.5 years ago at 1 day old as a Buff Orpington which she is not. She has a blue tail.

The snow stopped 20 minutes later and it melted immediately. The wind and cold have been horrible since then. I have the coop vents covered with cloth or towels to keep the wind from blowing straight in. The cloth still allows enough air through for proper ventilation, but keeps the wind from wiping out all warmth from the birds own body heat. I do not put heat lamps in the coops. It managed to get up to 38 today, but that wasn't till 3pm. I went around every 2 hours to put water out for each flock. I normally don't have to do that till mid-January. It will be colder the next 3 days. The birds and I both hate that it got cold so fast. This wind just makes it unbearable.

Most of the birds are not laying, but 3 of the 2.5 year olds have started up after a long molt. Friendly(XL brown egg), HeadOn(XL Green Egger EE), and Baby Blue(medium Blue Egg Amearuanca) are each laying 3-5 eggs per week. Also 2 of my Standard Cochins are laying, but JJ(Rooster) is only 4 months old. My show line is slow to mature and he won't start mating for at least another 2 months. Even then he won't be mature enough to get the job done for another month. So I am looking at late March before I can start setting the standard cochin eggs. I hope the girls cooperate and don't go broody on me.

This little lady is Sweet Cheeks.She is 3/4 bantam Faverolle and 1/4 Dutch. She was hatched July 5th. She laid her very first egg today. She has been "squatting" for a month, so I knew the time was coming. She is the size of the Bantam Faverolle(2-2.5 pounds), but her egg was only the size of a Dutch egg with a little blood. Her eggs will get larger as she cycles and matures.

I am 90% better. All I have left is an occasional cough that is just plain irritating. I did manage to go to the Winston-Salem Poultry Show. I only stayed till just before 11am, but had fun while I was there. I took a few pictures of birds. Some are blurred because I didn't pay attention to the camera settings. The album is public.
Photo Album