Sunday, November 21, 2010

Andy, Sick, Show.

As planned, I picked up Andy last Saturday. He settled in immediately with his new flock. Normally I would have quarenteened a new bird for 4 weeks, but I decided to take the chance. So far it has worked out.He is a handsome young man. He has some differences to his Dad, but you can see that he is obviously his Dad's Son. Once Caramel, Nougat, and/or Peanut start laying this spring I am going to be setting every egg I get from them. Andy is very timid and I am hoping he will accept another Rooster into the flock with him next Fall. I hope to keep one of his sons. Especially if one grows up to look more like Dot. No matter what happens Andy will have a loving home here forever. He is the last remaining direct Son of my Dot.

The day I went to get Andy I felt a little off. That night I felt worse and worse as the sleepless night progressed. By morning I was sick as a dog. Stong hacking cough that would not stop and my sinuses were on fire. The cough caused a major headache, strained throat, sore ribs/body, and my sinuses kept wanting to explode out of my FACE! My throat was never really sore, but the constant coughing strained it. Nyquil before bed, Dayquil during the day, and bags of cough drops 24/7 knocked it down to a livable point. Start sneezing like crazy 2 days ago and that seems to have cleared most of the sinus junk out. Still runny, but the pressure is gone at least. Still can't shake this cough and I am flat out exhausted. One round of the yard to check the chickens and I am DONE. I did manage to plant the last of the Tulips and Daffodils today. A bit late, but they will do fine come Spring.

I have to be completely better by this weekend. The Forsyth Fowl Fanciers Fall/Winter Poultry Show is Saturday, Nov 27, in Winston-Salem, NC. Specifically it is in the Pigeon/Poultry building of the Dixie Classic Fairgrounds. There should be lots of birds in the show and plenty of folks outside selling birds. It is FREE to go and look around. This is the only Fall show that I actually take the time to drive too. I am not exhibiting this year and I won't have anything forsale. I am just delivering already sold birds, so I am just going to enjoy myself. If you are within the few hours drive this show is normally worth it.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Actually Looking Forward to Tomorrow

I don't want to jinx it, but tomorrow is going to be a great day. After losing my Dot I was heart broken. After I had calmed down I managed to find all the folks that I had given Dot's sons to over the years. Only one is still alive and tomorrow Andy is COMING HOME!!! He was hatched last year. Mom originally named the chick 'Candy'. After all the first hen was 'Snickers', who produced 'Caramel' and 'Nougat'. From 'Caramel' I got 'Peanut'. 'Peanut' was the mother of that chick so we named it 'Candy'. At 2 weeks old we had to face facts and the name became 'Andy'.

I raised him and his hatch mates. All my broodies rejected the incubator chicks. All the hens that will adopt anything already had chicks that were too old to integrate these with.

This is 'Andy' at 2.5 months old with the Dutch chicks he was hatched with.
Not long after that I found him a home with a great chicken lover. She is graciously giving him back. I am thrilled.

This is a picture she sent me a few weeks ago that was taken the day before.
He has his Dad's body, stance, face, and eyes. The only difference is the degree of white in his feathers. He is colored exactly like Dot, but Dot's white was more prominant. Andy's comb was tore off by another rooster that suddenly decided it didn't like him, but that is no concern. My problem is going to be seeing that face and trying NOT to falling apart. He is not as tame as his Dad was, but I am going to be spending alot of time with him.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Blog Neglect and Happenings

I can't seem to keep up on my own postings. I have read every post on all the blogs I follow, but can't seem to make my own. When I do I can't seem to shutup, so brace yourself.

I guess everything has been going good enough. I do have a couple sick/injured birds.

DeeDee is a Mille Fleur d'Uccle pullet that is in the house right now. Not really sure what is wrong with her. Found her Sunday morning in the bedding under the roosts. She had trouble getting going at first, but then went walking off. She seemed terrified of all the other birds. As far as I could tell she didn't eat all day. Since chilly weather has finally set in for Fall I cleaned out the medium carrier and put in some fresh shavings for her to sleep in the house. She didn't eat anything Sunday or Monday. She seemed really wobbly on her legs yesterday morning didn't want to move around much. She slept all day. Finally yesterday she ate a little late in the evening. Got up and started moving around more. Today she has been eating fairly well. She is finally pooping too. Her droppings are almost normal, except green. That means bile is getting all the way down her system. That could simply be from the lack of food for 2 days or could point towards some sort of sickness. Not sure if she is sick or got hurt, but I will give her every chance as long as DeeDee keeps going. The carrier has plenty of room for her to move around. Today is the first day that she has been doing that too. Her water has Sulmet in it. I don't like giving antibiotics so readily, but not knowing what to do I decided to try something.

The other sick/off hen is a Black Australorp. She went down Monday. Her legs just don't seem to work right. She was hatched in February. Monday she seemed to have a bad limp, but by the end of the day she was completely off balance. Same yesterday. Today she has been making her way around, though still off tilt. She has had a good appetite the whole time. Not sure if the two incidents are related or not. These ladies are on different sides of the yard with different flocks and never interact. If something is going around I hope it stops with just these 2. No one else seems off.

The show this past weekend was a GREAT success. With 935 birds registered, it was the largest Poultry show in Morganton since the mid 90s. Took less time then expected for the 2 judges to get through all the birds. Everything was done by about 2pm. I was flat out exhausted. Too little sleep and then too much time on my feet ended me for the day. Not the best pictures, but...

Champion Standard was a Black Australorp Cockerel by Carol HippsChampion Bantam was a Black Cochin Pullet by Judy Gantt. Her bird was also SHOW CHAMPION.
My dahlias are blooming like crazy. This one is about 8" across. I had to hold it up to get a picture, bacause the bloom is too heavy for the stem.Earlier in the year the purples were almost black. They are getting lighter as the days shorten.Also my Zinias are in full bloom. This weekend should end it all though. A good freeze is expected and then I will dig the dahlias. I have to pull the Zinnias in order get my tulip, daffadil, and crocus bulbs in the ground for the winter. That large bed will take forever to plant.

I hope my back in better by then. I have a muscle that will not stop hurting. Started the spasm on Sunday and is still pulling at my lung.

I guess I will leave it there for today. Ya'll have a good one,