Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Upcoming Poultry Show

The FPC Annual Fall Poultry Show is in 10 days(Oct 30th) at the Burke County Fairgrounds at 145 Bost Rd, Morganton, NC. This picture is from last Fall.Should be 700-800 birds in this show. I will be there all day. The judging starts at 9am. Sellers area is outside in the parking area and in the covered outside section that is behind the show hall. The area behind the show building is also where the Raffle(donated items) and Silent Auction(donated birds) will be setup. Those end at 12:30 and 1 and you must be there to win. Be sure to visit the concession stand to help support the Hosting Club.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Devastating Day

Today has been the worst day in I don't know how long. I let the birds out to freerange at 12:30. I normally don't let them out till 5, but I thought they deserved some extra time. They didn't seem happy in the lots with the cool air blowing through. The sun doesn't hit the lots till 3-4 pm.

Dot and his girls immediately headed to the neighbors as usual. The neighbors don't mind. We have been friends since I was born. I grew up with their sons.

At 1:30 I saw Dot and the girls heading back to the fence. That is about how much time it takes for them to realize the grass is not greener over there.

I had to step in to use the bathroom. I hit the fridge for a drink of water and headed back out by 1:45. I went to the neighbors to make sure everyone was back. I didn't find anyone, so went walking through my own yard. I found Dot's ladies heading up through the blueberry bushes, but no Dot. I looked around and then started walking. After 30 minutes I was worried. I covered this acre half a dozen times and the neighbors 1.5 acres the same. No Dot. Nothing. No body, No feathers, Not a single sign. None of the other birds were spooked. I searched till almost 5. My legs were rubber and my throat was killing me. Dot was gone. I even tossed out bread and everyone came, but Dot.

This was Dot a couple years ago.

He is/was 6 years, 4 months, and 1 week old. I hatched him in my first bator and he was my very first bantam. He was unique and can never be replaced. The few neighbors that were home have to be laughing after seeing a 31 year old fat man crying like a baby. I just kept breaking down. I still can't come to grips to the fact that he is gone.

I don't know what happened to him. No stray dogs around and the only other is Blue. He is another neighbor's basset hound. He doesn't bother the birds anymore and wouldn't be able to catch Dot. Just in case I searched that neighbors yard too. They are also family friends. The only thing that makes sense is a large Hawk. There has been a Cooper's through from time to time, but it hasn't ever taken a chicken. Dot was 3-3.5 pounds easy. There were no feathers and no signs. Whatever happened did so in the 15 minutes I was in the house.

Dot can never be replaced, but there are a couple of his sons in the world that I gave away last year. I am hoping I can find one still around and hopefully buy him back or rent him for a few weeks during the spring when at least 2 of Dot's 3 girls are laying. That is the only way I will ever get a descendent of my precious Dot that resembles him.