Thursday, September 23, 2010


I haven't had any sweets in a while and decided I wanted something specific. I started thinking of cream cheese bars. I used to buy them at a stand at the Fleamarket, but they no longer have them. Only one choice left, I had to make them myself. I can cook, but looked for a easy recipe.Half are plain Cream Cheese Bars and the other half I added Pecans and Coconut to the top mixture. They taste great, but man they are SWEET.

Easy Recipe for Cream Cheese Bars. I recommend cutting back on the amount of sugar and use something else to fill in for it. I am letting myself eat one bar tonight, so I figured I would eat half of each of the ones in the picture. Just before I took the picture the saucer was also filled with grapes. I am smart enough to NEVER eat grapes after sweets, so I ate those to get a good picture. ;)

I haven't really done anything the last couple days. Just too blasted hot. I wish Fall would be here in temps and not just on the calendar.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bantam House and other stuff.

This the house for the freerange bantams. Primarily the Dutch are on the left side and the Faverolles are on the right. There are several mixes and others that sleep with them, but those are the breeds I actually keep roosters for. The standard Cochin does not sleep in there. She is just stealing food, they have their own house, food, and waterer.The house is about 80% complete. Which is what I call not done, but safe to live in. Here is the interior. The bird is Amber, a 3 year old Cream Light Brown Dutch hen. There are no nest boxes yet. I will do those sooner or later. A single stack of nests will run up the side at the front corner. They will be accessable from the outside. I am redoing the front tomorrow. I am reversing the way each side is, so that the doors go to the edge and open from the opposite side. Shouldn't take more then an hour since everything is done with screws. No cutting to do.
I would like to introduce JJ(jerry Jr). He is a Standard Black Cochin. He is 6 weeks old. I lost Jerry over the summer to the heat. Both JJ's parents are/were Show Quality(SQ) birds of the highest calibre. Chicks from the best parents have about a 10% chance of being equal to their parents. I have hopes for JJ since he is the only one that hatched from the emergency setting after Jerry died. I love the heaviness of the those feathered feet. All 4 toes are feathered. I do wish he had more yellow(skin) in his feet, but at least the bottoms are yellow.
Planted a tree a couple days ago to make a shade tree in the middle of the yard. This is a Biloba Ginkgo that I had potted. Just been sitting around for a couple years, so I let Dad have it to replace the Mimosa that was there. The cage behind the tree is 2 feet tall. It has alot of growing to do before it makes a shade tree.

Dad had a small mess of beans that he decided to dry. He can only use half the pinic table. Obviously the other half is off limits. Barbara had been playing and needed a place for a nap.

Ya'll Have a Nice Day.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Dance ... Almost Done

I finally almost got the coop done for the freerange bantams. Seems it took forever. Delays went from one thing to the next; Ear infections, sick from antibiotics, and then a catch in my back that finally released Friday evening.

The side walls and back have been up and the roof was on a couple weeks ago. Now the front is boxed in, wire on the side-vents, and the ladder roosts are in. Tomorrow will be to build the doors and put in the platform of perches. The birds are moving in tomorrow evening. One of the coops they currently use is shot. It was made from 3 pallets and scrap 5 years ago. It is also hard to get birds out of by hand. I like to be able to reach my birds on the roosts so that I can check someone if needed. Their new space is double the old. The second house is just too small now and the Dutch are starting to peck at each other on the roosts. Their side of the new house is triple the size of their current house and the perches further apart.

Things left to do that can wait:

I need to cut the roll roofing and put that on. I have tar paper down so it is waterproof, but I like something that will last. This shouldn't take more then an hour, tops. MOTIVATION NEEDED!!!

The whole thing will be painted eventually, but that can wait a few more days. I will paint a little at a time in the mornings so that I don't stink the birds up over night. I have a quart of "Barn Red" and some "Forest Green" for edging.

For the winter I will need to cut and mount doors to cover the side vents. They are exactly 1 foot tall and 4 feet long(width of house) so all I need to do is cut 2 pieces off the end of a piece of OSB, strengthen with some cross pieces, paint, and mount.

I will post pictures in couple days.