Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bird Turd

What is "Bird Turd"?

Well, Wednesday there was a baby robin on the ground in the back yard. It was about naked and way to young to be out of the nest. We looked through all the trees around the area and the only Robin nests with chicks were different ages. This one had to have been carried by something and dropped here. I figure either a bluejay or black bird. We have problems with both breaking up nests.

We left the baby where is was in hopes that it's mother would come around and show us where the nest was. We waited at a distance and normally hidden all day, but no mother ever showed up.

By that evening the baby was getting weak, so there was no choice. Dad took it and fed it. At the time I didn't know what he was feeding it, but it ate several Blueberries. That evening Mom gave it mealworms from my bins. The blueberries had gone right through the baby and it shot out some large amounts of slimy blue poop. As a result Mom named it "Bird-Turd".

Thursday it perked back up and begging for food every 30-45 minutes. The baby started spitting out the mealworms, so Dad went digging and found a few fishworms. It took those very well. Inspite of digging everywhere we found very few worms and BirdTurd was hungry. No choice, off to the store to buy BAIT. Mom feeds it every 30-60 minutes and gives it water by dripping it into it's beak with a needless syringe.

I took some pictures Friday.

I wish I had gotten pictures the first day. The little thing grows so fast and is feathering quickly. It has doubled in size in just a few days of being well fed. It is more coordinated and can now perch on the side of its wicker easter basket. It shouldn't be long before it is out and free. It is connected to Mom. She is the one feeding it. I can't. I get too attached to animals, so I keep my distance from those that won't be permanent pets.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Day

It was just too hot this morning to do anything. Well maybe it was the humidity. We actually got a little rain yesterday. Got no rain today, but at least we got the air off of some that went by. The problem was that it was just so comfortable that I still couldn't do anything but sit out in the yard and THAT is my excuse for getting squat done today. I did take a few pictures that ya'll might like.

***Dolly and the Babies***
Here is Dolly Mama and her 9 bantam babies that will be 2 weeks old tomorrow. In the second picture you can see tiny 'Spot', the little Cream Light Brown dutch baby, on the far right. For a size comparison you can sort of see it in the first picture. It is in the middle of the others, you can see it's head above the crest of the Blue Silkie. All seem to be happy and healthy. Dolly is taking great care of them all.
***Setting eggs***
I wasn't planning to set anymore this year, but just over a week ago my Jerry was taking by the heat. Jerry was my HUGE show quality Black Standard Cochin. It was 100 degrees and he would NOT stop running after women. That next day was about the same, but he was slower. Early that night his heart stopped. I found him under the roosts at sunrise. I only hatched one from his ladies this year and the 2 month old is a beautiful pullet. I only got 6 eggs over the last 10 days so I went to a friend for some Welsumer and Marans eggs. The Suro is supposed to hold 24 eggs. I have 27 in it. I had to remove most of the partitions and then roll some egg replacements. I will replace with 3 Ameraucana eggs tomorrow.
***Mater Eater***
I have photo evidence of a mater eater. Just look at the dirty face on Francesca.
***Under my Truck***
I had bought feed on Friday and parked in the back yard. I looked under there today and saw this.Don't worry she was just asleep. A few minutes later she came out. She was not happy I woke her up. I guess this would be a case of Full Body "Bed-Head".
I took a few other pictures today. Ya'll are welcome to view them on Photobucket. The woman in a picture is my Mother. She had just been giving some birds a fresh cob of corn that was faulty.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I did a spot check this morning and saw a good amount of ripening and ripe maters(tomatoes). About 4pm we had some showers go by and cool everything down a little. We still didn't get any rain, AGAIN, but at least we got some air off it.

I went around with a bucket to pick the maters. The problem is that there should have been at least enough to fill the 3.5 gallon bucket. I ended up with about have a bucket and some of those had holes. Someone had stolen the maters.

I went on the hunt for the culprit(s). I asked Raymond(dog). The 10 year old was stretched out on the cool concrete floor in the back of the feed part of the building. He saw nothing.

Next Barbara(cat). For those that did not see my reply in the previous post, she did show up late that evening. She had been hiding from the heat and was fine. Again another one with nothing to say. Either they really didn't see anything or were covering for someone. Next the chickens.

They claimed to of saw nothing, but I had my suspensions. I went from lot to lot questioning the birds and refilling waterers. I was about to give up when a couple of the freerange bantams came around the building. HA, BOTH one of them had sticky faces. Their heads were covered in juice. They immediately turned and went back around the building. I quickly followed.

They were trying to warn the others, but I was too quick. I found 9 culprits looking so innocent, except for their sticky heads. The Faverolle and Fav Mixes were the worst with their beards. I gave them a stern talking to and sent them back to their area with NO treats. I am not sure how many maters they wiped out, but it was enough that they didn't touch the evening feed. I also found and fixed the hole in the garden fence that I think they used. I wouldn't have seen it if Ally hadn't walked through it in front of me.

ok, so I am in an odd mood and my brain won't shut up. Welcome to my corner of the asylum.

I had to wash Dot's face when he went to roost. He is my mutt bantam Roo. He has a large comb that lays far down on his beak. His flock had some mater that I gave them(end rot). He gets the juices between his comb and beak and can't clean the area. 2 years ago the area got nasty and ended up infected. If he gets vegetables I wash the area every 3-4 days. When I was petting him today I noticed he had some gunk in there. All I do if lift the front of his comb and squirt some water in there straight from the front. As long as I don't hit his eyes or nares(nose holes) with the water he lets me do what I want.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chick Pics

This is most likely my last hatch of the year. I didn't get around to hatching all that I wanted to this year, but will be happy with what I did. There was just too much other junk going on.

Dolly(mother) is a hatchery bantam cochin. She is a little under sized because she got Cocci really bad when growing up. I got Dolly January 31, 2005 from Mcmurray hatchery. She and her Sister(sissy) were my first cochins. This the second time that Dolly has been a mother. She raised 9 chicks 3 years ago.

This time she once again has 9 bantam chicks; 3 Silkies(black, blue, splash), 1 mutt from my Dot and Peanut, 1 faverolle/Dutch mix, 2 Pure Dutch, 2 pure Faverolles.

This blurry picture is from Tuesday before Dolly had brought them out, but it is the only picture that has the Black Silkie in it.
This picture has all of the chicks, except the Black Silkie. It retreated under Dolly 2 seconds before I turned my camera on. The Faverolles are actually neon yellow at hatch, but it was bright yesterday and the camera washed them out. Same with the Splash silkie.
Barbara is missing. Every morning she is always waiting for me at the backdoor and helps me feed/water the chickens and open the coops. She was not there this morning and we have not been able to find her all day. I have searched everywhere I can think of, but nothing. All I can do now is hope.*****

Time to do another water check. Not a good day for anyone to run out of water.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hatching Early

The eggs that are due Tuesday have already started. The first normally pips the even of day 20. This is day 19 and the first hatched about 6pm. I think it is because it was in the 90s each day and this house is not air conditioned. Some eggs were shipped during the hot weather.

5 others have pipped. 4 of those were taken out to Dolly to let her hatch them. Having some actually hatch under the hen helps to get her to adopt the ones that hatch in the bator. The one that hatched is either a faverolle or a 75% faverolle/25% Dutch mix. It will stay in the bator till the morning. By then Dolly should have others, so I can add without any worries. I have no idea what the other eggs are that were pipped since only a few were marked and I didn't check before they went out.

I will have pictures in a few days once all is done and Dolly is set.

Hopefully this is the last night of the fireworks, they are seriously on my nerves and I am sure the birds are not happy. I have a couple neighbors that spend a small fortune on trips to SC and Georgia. Rockets are illegal in NC, so they have to go a state over to get the good ones.