Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lack of Broodies and sad ends - a giveaway

Can it be? I mean seriously "a lack of Broodies"? 2 weeks ago I had 15-20 girls setting in empty nests. 8 days ago I started a run for the bantam girls. I always start them in the bator. Especially shipped eggs.Yes the temp does say 102.6. The digital read out is 3 degrees off the actual temp, took 2 terrible hatches to figure that out.

Today I only have ONE broody bantam in a nest and that is Dolly. She is a runty bantam hatchery cochin. She got Cocci and that slightly stunted her growth. She raised NINE babies 3 years ago, so I know she is a good mother. 2007 picture:
I was planning to give the bator eggs to 'BigSis', but she is one that broke. I have never had them break like this. They normally set empty nests till I make them get up. Maybe it is because of this ridiculous HEAT and HUMIDITY. The heat wave is predicted to break in a week, but let's face it the weather folks ain't been very accurate lately. A few of the 6 broodies in Dot's Lot started molting. That broke their broodiness and the others just quit. Even the unbreakable 'Puff' has been out of nest for 2 days.

Actually there is still Lacy a bantam cochin. She is broody on a perch. THAT'S RIGHT. She is setting 3 feet off the ground on a 1.5 inch thick stick clucking at me. If I set up a nest for her, maybe, I can get her to move. She too is a proven mother. I ain't raising these babies, so someone better step up, or down, to take care of them. I would really hate to have to deal with a brooder in this heat.

I hate losing birds.

We finally had to put old Smudge down. She was Pet standard Splash Cochin and my first standard cochin. Smudge came here as a day old from McMurray on Feb 12, 2006. She was very friendly and enjoyed life. This is her 2 years ago doing what she did best.She always had a slightly descended crop. Just a little massage to get it moving on and she was fine. However, over last year it has been getting worse and worse. This was not a blockage, but the muscles and tendens were over stretched and just couldn't tighten enough to push food out of the crop and into her system. She had been losing weight, but recently it got really bad. Just enough food was going on through to keep her alive. She started getting a bit weak a couple weeks ago. Sunday before last we made the decision to send her on her way. There was no reason to make her suffer.

A few days later we had to put Dora down. She was a mixed girl that was only 6 months old. She had gotten in a fight through the wire and messed up the side of her face. It was getting better, but left permanent damage to her eye lids. She could not open her eye. The lids just did not work. During her recovery somehow she went BLIND in the other eye. No idea why. The eye just stopped working. This left her complelely blind. We choose to put her down. It takes alot to care for a blind bird and even then they don't always get the amount of food they need. She seemed terrified of every sound and touch and I couldn't just leave her that way. Dora is the mixed solid black girl.
We lost 2 of Mamma's chicks. I went with my nephew to a fishing tournament Saturday. I got home around 3 to find that one of the black ones was gone. An hour later I went out to find another in the gold fish pond dead. They have been running around that water for the past 3 weeks. I don't know how it fell in or even what happened to the one that vanished. It was just gone. Cat, Hawk, or Snake is what I figure.

***Giveaway at "Life on a Southern Farm"***

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Broodies, chicks, a dog, and flowers

I realize I have been reading everyone's Blogs, but not posting on my own. SO...How about an update on Momma. 11 was the final count on the hatch and she is doing well with them all. She raised 12 last year, so I know she can handle them.Since I bothered them, Momma took them back to the broody house for a snack.With most Broodies I normally keep wire around their house as a pen for the first 2 weeks. This is mostly for the babies protection. A couple of my broodies are timid and not as fightingly protective as others. Momma is very protective and doesn't need the added help. I have been flogged twice when catching babies, Mom got hit a couple times doing the same thing, Barbara(cat) got run back to the tractor shed, and Raymond(dog) got it too at least once. None were a threat, but Momma didn't want them around.

Planned Setting
In the next few days I will be setting either Dumpling(Mottled d'Uccle) or Frixy(whitish Faverolle Mix behind the feeder).Both are broody in the same empty nest in the feed shed. I am putting a nest in a cat carrier beside their nest and a few "temp eggs" to see which wants to move over. I can close the carrier at night to keep the setter safe. Neither of these has ever raised babies. Once settled I will be giving the setter 6-8 bantam eggs from my mutts. Dot needs a couple more girls. After some loses the last couple years, he is down to 10.

I have about 20 broodies around in empty nests that I keep sitting out several times a day.There are 4 in there. I pulled Puff(white), Midnight(bottom Black), and Dutchin(other black) out for the fourth time today and found Nougat(tricolored - match to Dot) under them. She is fine.

Guard Dog - introducing a long time resident.Ok, Raymond is 12 and not the best guard any more. This time of day he hides from the heat. This dog-house was an old console TV. He has been using it since he was rescued at 4-5 months old. He is not fixed, but is the only dog on this fenced acre. We make sure he does NOT get out. He is a medium sized dog and averages at 35-40 pounds. He is blind in one eye and has gotten snippy at strangers. This is Raymond in 2006.
Daylillies - No pictures right now
I have a bunch of tall yellow daylillies I need to dig and off load somewhere. They are currently blooming. I bought a mixed bag a few years ago and all ended up being yellow. I will keep a couple clumps for my flower beds, but have 7-8 that need to go. Each clump has 2-4 fans in each. If you are in the area and want to come for some, I can provide a shovel. :) $1 per fan, but that is negotiable.

I guess that is enough for now.