Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Babies and updates on the others

Miss Blue has 4 MF d'Uccles from this run of eggs. Blue is a Bantam Cochin hen. She is another of my proven mothers. The rest were under her. You can sort of see her nest behind her. She had come off to feed the little ones and herself. This one just happened to stick its head out for me to pick up. Only 4 managed to hatch from 3 dozen eggs and those were a full 2 days late. The temp in the RCom is WAY off. The digital read out was at 99.7 the whole time. Blue didn't get eggs till this past Saturday when I moved her to the broody house. She had gone broody a week or so before that. When I first put her in the Broody House she walked to the nest and went to work. After a bit of shuffling she settled down, looked at me, and started growling. She is so smart, she knows exactly what being given a private house means. Mom set her out of the house this evening to take a poop. Once Blue had relieved herself, she wanted right back in with the babies.

They are using a the new Broody house.Click for Full SizeThe house is 2'x3'x2'tall( without legs). I need to paint it later and I haven't finished the roof. I will lap the tar-paper around the bottom and fix it to the roof. That works as a drip guard. That I can do one day while Blue has the babies out.

I will attach a ramp tomorrow so that she can bring them out for the first time for a little while.

Here is a picture of the broody house in progress from last Thursday.Click for Full SizeYou can see that the plywood is recycled and there is a good size vent across the back.

Here is Pigie and her Babies. The little ones are 4 weeks old and doing well.Click for Full SizeThe Blue Cream Light Brown Dutch Chick(Creamette) is a little Pullet. The whitish one is Paprika, she is a little mixed lady that was a mistake setting. She is Mom's and will be a permanent pet. The other Dutch is a Cream Light Brown and is also a Pullet. I think the d'Uccles are 2 boys and a girl, but not completely sure.

This is Tuffy, Gabbi, and Dora. Gabbi and Tuffy are a pair of Bantam Mottled Cochins and Miss Dora is a Cochin Mix. They are 4.5 months old. The cochins are shaping up really nice. Gabbi is very friendly, Tuffy wants to fight, and Dora is wild as a bat. I finally got Dora to take mealworms from my hand, but that is a good as it gets with her. I want to let them free range with the other freerange bantams, but Tuffy wants to fight the Dutch boys.Click for Full Size

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Morganton, NC

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Picture/Video Day with the chicks

I finally got around to taking a few pics of Pigie and her little ones today. Even got a Video uploaded.

Pigie is a Bantam Cochin. She just turned 4 years old. This is her 5th time with babies. She had 2 broods in 2007, 1 in 2008, and 1 late last year. Except for 1 little Roo in her very first brood, she has never lost a single baby that was in her care.This time she is raising a Cream Light Brown Dutch, a Blue Cream Light Brown Dutch, a Dutch/Red Pyle OE Game Mix, and 3 Mille Fleur d'Uccles. The d'Uccles are from a local Feed Store that got them from Mt Healthy Hatchery. 30 Second Vid of Pigie and her little ones. I have no idea what was under that old piece of lattice.

The little white/reddish one is the mix. Her parents are the BCLB Dutch Rooster and the Red Pyle OE Game hen on the bottom left of this picture.
Guard Cat Hard at Work.It is dark in that building and Barbara was not happy about me using the Flash to get a picture of her on the lawnmower. That is one of her 3 favorite places to sleep.

Just for fun this is Frixy a Mixed Bantam Faverolle and Francesca a pure Bantam Faverolle.

I gotta go start building a new house for Dot's and Chitter's flocks.

Added at 11:30 pm: I went back about 2 hours later and got 2 eggs out of the little cardboard box that is beside the crate that Frixy was in. You can just see the corner of it in the Video on the far left. Evidently Francesca got in a hurry and used the small box to lay her egg and then Frixy moved over and laid her egg there too. Those are the only 2 that laid in the feed shed today. The little box is there exactly for this purpose. Before the "waiting box" was added I have had them drop their egg on the table and then roll it off on to concrete. There are 6 girls that regularly lay in there.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Flowers, Fruit, and Vegetables.

Why do I get really bad allergies this time of year???The smell is wonderful, the allergic reactions are not. That is my bedroom window above the back-porch roof. It is always open and has a fan in it for fresh air. Mom let the wysteria take over the cherry tree many years ago. This is a shot from the South side, which is where the vine grows the best of course. The ditch at the bottom of the yard feeds a creek that has spread Wysteria for miles from our yard.

This is another Wysteria that Dad has been "playing with" for a few years. It is only about 8 feet tall. The trunk is 4-5 inches thick. You have to prune the shoots off at least once a month to keep it in tree form.
My tulips are blooming and then burning out fast. The heat and sun have sent them into overdrive.
Alot of the other colors are gone. Here are some of the dwarf Tulips. The Blooms are less then 1.5 inches across the top.
If you look in the back of the last picture you are can see parrot tulip about to open. It is quite large, but looks small in the picture.
The fruit trees/bushes are full.
**Apple Blossums
**Dwarf Cherry - these are a black cherry.**Peach**Blueberries - The second picture is an early producer. There are 100+ blueberry plants here.

Gardens with Taters, Maters, Cabbage(head and leaf), and mom's lettece bed. Lots of other stuff is planted, but that is what is visible for now. Gardens on both sides of the fence are ours. Nothing in the larger gardens is up yet.
The small goldfish pond is green and turning yellow(pollen). A few of my lily pads are coming up. The female fish in the first picture is about 10 inches long. Same fish on the far left of the 2nd picture.

Dot is mad since I am not letting him out. The lots get opened at 7 pm. That gives them an hour to roam before dark. More then that and they start hitting the gardens.
Pigie had only been out of the house/box about 10 minutes when the babies got cool. All 6 are snuggly under there somewhere.

Thanks for joining me on my walk around the yard,


Monday, April 5, 2010

My Easter Weekend

Had a great time at the Morganton Poultry Show. I love having a show only 10 minutes from the house. I came back here once to check on birds. Met lots of old chicken friends and a couple new ones. I didn't show, but really enjoyed seeing everyone else's birds. It was a small show this time, but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I did deliver a few birds and items that I had presold. I talked more then enough and that is my favorite part. I never did get my camera out of my truck, so NO pictures. Sorry.

After the show I stayed at the fairgrounds helping take everything down. After most was done I wasn't really tired, but my knee and hip were finished. I did stay about 10 minutes too long. When they were blowing the shavings and dust out of the building the cloud of dust got me. I woke up yesterday morning with packed sinuses, an itching throat, and a blinding migraine. Even with that I managed to get a few things done with Mom's help.

I didn't realize it was Easter till about 9pm last night when I was reading through blog posts.

Since I sold Einstein(kind of regreting that) and the cull ladies, I had an empty house. Soooo, the Pre-Teens got moved out of the brooder and into that house. Mom cleaned it out for me. It is where they were going to be later anyways, but since we skipped Spring and jumped straight to Summer it is fine for them now.

Outside in the lot was 1 of the Australorp boys and 8 of the girls that are Australorps and Orpingtons. They will be 8 weeks old in 2 days. Once they figure out how to go in and out I will remove the crates and they get the 4'x8' area under the house to play, hide, or whatever.

The other 8 girls are in the house(can't see them) rolling in the fresh shavings with the other Aussie boy.
I built this 4'X8' house last year(dad added the eaves to the roof), but I only added the nest boxes with outside access a few weeks ago for the Ameraucanas who are now back in the henhouse. I still haven't painted it.

Pigie and her Easter chicks, well some of them.

There are 2 Dutch, 1 Faverolle that could be a mix, and 3 MF d'Uccles. I bought the d'Uccles from Belle Farm. They had just got a chick shipment in on April 2, probably hatched March 31. The other 3 hatched April 1st-2nd. Not a very good hatch. I pretty sure it was low humidity. I am raising it for the next batch which go in tonight. These are shipped eggs and are MF d'Uccles and bantam polish supposedly from show stock. I hope I get the settings right on the Suro.

Pigie has already brought them out a couple times, but needs help to get them back in. They will figure out the the ramp after a few days. That was all the picures I could get. After the 3rd flash, she puffed up and called the babies under her.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

New chicks and a Poultry Show

A Blue Cream Light Brown Dutch hatched this morning. We took it out to Pigie(Pi-jee) after it was about dry. She is a white bantam cochin that is a wonderful mother. She has been broody for 2 weeks or so. We had moved her to a broody house Monday evening. Tuesday was settle in day and Wednesday evening she got eggs from the bator. No others had hatched yet when the little one was placed under her at 3pm.

This is Pigie last year when she raised 7 babies.She turned 4 years old a couple months ago. This will be her 5th time raising babies. 2 broods in 2007, 1 brood in 2008, and 1 in 2009.

This is the broody house she is using this time. Except I have the left door fixed shut and covered with a solid piece and the partition has been removed. This gives Pigie the entire 3' wide box.If you look on the left side you will see Pigie in the process of incubating a hatch for April of 2008.

Once the last baby to hatch is 2 days old I put 15-20 feet of wire up in a circle around the house and drop the door to let them out. A few days later, the wire is removed and they get to freerange with their momma. They are shut up each night for safety.

*****POULTRY SHOW*****
The Morganton Poultry Show is this Saturday(April 3) at the Burke County fairgrounds. Going to be a smaller show with 414 birds registered. Should be a great time with lots of folks walking around and talking chicken(and everything else).