Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Night-time View

This is what I see from my bedroom window
That is the outdoor brooder. The 19 standard sized chicks are on the darker side sleeping. They are 6 weeks old today. I only got the brooder about 80% complete, but it is enough to use it. I still need to finish the leg supports to make it stable for moving. I also want to put different doors over the vents that will look nicer.

A Backdoor for easier catching and clean up will be added once it is out of service.

Finally the whole thing needs to be painted.

My favorite of those chicks is "Buffy". She is a Buff Orpington girl. She comes up to me everytime I open a door and waits to be petted. She is talkative little lady. She sat on my shoulder yesterday for a walk around the area. Don't know what will happen to my shoulder when she grows up to be 6-8 pounds.

I will be candling the bantam eggs in the Suro 20 tomorrow. Only 1 week to go.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Flower power

Been 10 days since my last post, so I decided to share a few pictures of flowers I took yesterday, like everyone else.

These clumps of Daffodils are 3 years old. Each clump was originally a single bulb. I will be seperating them late this year.

These are in a different bed.
This is my last clump of crocuses. They will be seperated this year too. I wish I had gotten a picture of them last week, especially the clumps of white ones.
None of my Hyacinths, in any of the beds, did well this year. I think I will move them all to a new bed.
Can't leave you without at least a couple Chicken pictures.

Einstein is a Black Ameraucana that I am going to sell. I was going to breed him, but plans have changed.
Black Ameraucana Ladies - Also selling, because of faults. I am trying to start a show line and don't need to start with birds that have show faults.
Powder is also forsale, but would not stop preening for her picture.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nice Weather

These last few days have been great. Well as far as the weather goes. I have been working my rear off outside and am flat out exhausted.

This Picture was taken Monday. I was heading out to take pictures of Dad's chairs and other stuff and found Mom sitting out reading. The Red Pyle OEGB(bird on foot) is her bird, the rest are a few of mine.

Names(click picture for full size):

If you look on this side of Sassy, I think Droopy was in the crowd too. Head-On and Collision(white Easter Eggers) were back behind the bench beside the wood shed. You can see them through the underside of the bench. Collision was still hurt and not moving much. She sprain something coming off the roosts on Sunday. She is almost better today. She didn't quit laying.

Yes, I am a 31 year old loser living in my parents house. No jobs around here and my chickens don't want to go anywhere. I moved back after graduating from Appstate and can't seem to get out.


Poultry Show

The weather for Saturday's Poultry Show was almost perfect. Started out cool, but soon the jacket came off. I sold 34 of the 35 chicks I took. The one that I didn't sell was taking by mistake. Somehow I missed the green dyed neck. He came back to be with his sisters and other brother. He or his brother will be used to breed future layers.

I only got a few pictures of the Show Hall from the front. There were 1100+ birds in the show. My Franky and Francesca were in the last 2 cages at the end of the row on the right of the main isle. You can't see them. They did well enough, but had no competition. Faverolles are rather rare.
After I took those 3 pictures I decided to go out back to the livestock barn first for the large ducks, geese, and turkeys.

When walking back I had customers, so I put my camera in the truck and completely forgot to get it back out again. Sorry.

I saw this just as a few miles from the fairgrounds..
Not the best sign to see before a 2 hour drive, but I made it back safely with the little rooster. I guess everyone was enjoying the sunny day.

I am proud that I didn't buy anything even though I was extremely tempted.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Egg count and Poultry Show

The ladies have started laying fairly well again. They are averaging 3 dozen per day. This was a couple days ago. There are 37 eggs in the basket.

My ladies are still freeranging, but that will change starting next week. I am lotting for breeding season. They have very large lots, but still take a few days to get used to it.

Francesca and Franky are currently sleeping in a cage in the dining room. They got their baths this evening for Saturday's show. They both look fairly nice. I just hope they calm down. Francesca is not happy about being in a cage. I should have cage trained them starting earlier this week, but figured they would take to it easily. I have all day tomorrow to get them cage ready.

The show is in Salisbury, NC at the Rowan County Fairgrounds(1500 Julian Rd). This is the largest NC Poultry show of the year. The weather looks to be great. The sellers area should be full with all kinds of birds and lots of shoppers. I will be there selling 35 3.5 week old Buff Orpingtons and Black Australorps. All were sexed female by Cackle hatchery.

I will also be selling freerange eggs for $2 per dozen. Some years I sell out and some years I can't sell a single dozen.