Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This is Little Man. He is 6.5 weeks old. He has been learning to crow since he was 4 weeks old. Not very good at it yet. Poor little thing about hurt himself.

Francesca(see last post) is not feeling well. I think Jerry, my huge standard cochin, tried to mount her. I can't find anything wrong, but she is droopy and doesn't want to move around much. I am hoping she is just sore. I kept her isolated today. No worse, but not really any better. I was wanting to show her, now I just want her to be ok.

Friz, Mom's bantam frizzle, has been in the house a couple days. She has a huge abcess on her left side around the back of her thigh/hip. She is a small bantam cochin mix frizzle and the abcess is larger then a golf ball. She is acting fine now, but we still want to keep the area clean. She was out for couple hours today, but that was all. We don't know how long she has had this. You can't see it unless you pick her up. She is fluffy girl. Friz is an independent little lady. We didn't raise her and she doesn't like to be handled alot, but is a hand eater. She is EXTREMELY loud and lets you know when she wants something.


Friday, January 22, 2010

To Show or Not...

.. That is the question I am currently pondering in my head.

This is Francesca. She is a Bantam Salmon Faverolle.
It took forever to get those Pictures. She is spoiled rotten and kept running up to me. You just can't get a good picture looking straight down at a bird that is under you.

She is really nice looking and I really want to show her at the upcoming Poultry shows. The problem is that she will only be 6 months old for the Morganton, NC show on Feb 13. I know you want a Pullet(female chicken under 1 year old) as close to that 1 year mark as possible for show. That way she will be full grown and fully feathered in her adult plumage. Well Francesca is already there. Her beard should fill in over the next couple months, but other then that she looks ready. As spoiled as she is, she is easily handled and would take no time to cage train. I am just concerned that she may be too young.

By the way, her parents are here too. The rooster, Favy, was hatched from an egg I got from Joanna in Boone, NC in 2007. His fat butt is running around here, but is hanging out more with the standard size girls. He likes em big. He hates cages and refuses to spend the 3 days before a show in one. My birds are only caged after they get a bath for show. I just don't have the heart to keep them in cages.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Today's Pictures

Here are the 5 inside babies.
For reference this past post was petie at 1 day old.
This Post was Petie and the other 4 at 1 week old.

This is them today at 5.5 weeks old.

Up first is Petie. A Blue silkie that I think may be a pullet, so the name may become Petra.

This is Dumpy. She is a Mottled Cochin Pullet.

This is a white Silkie that I think is a Boy.

This is Blackie and the white silkie. Blackie is a mixed cochin pullet.

Here is Blackie, Dumpy, and Little Man(a mottled Cochin Boy).

They were settling down for a nap. The white silkie was still eating.

***Moving Outside***

This is what I get face with out the backdoor. Other came running too. By the time I got off the porch there were about 50 birds looking at me.

This is Little Man. He is a Blue Cream Light Brown Dutch Cockerel. He is just under 8 months old. He is a full grown young man weighing in at 16 ounces. With a little age he will get more muscle mass and end up around 17-18 ounces.

I got distracted by a head looking at me from a feed bucket that was on the table under the shed. That is Spice, a Red Pyle old english game bantam. No she was not just stealing food. She has decided to use my feed bucket as her nest. This is the second time she has left a little off white egg in it.

This is her sister Sugar. Same breed and color, just a tad larger.

That is it for today. The tour ended when I noticed a couple empty waterers. After I filled them I forgot to go back to the pictures, so
To Be Continued...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Down side to a day of nice weather is ...

... that I am flat out exhausted.

Get this fixed, start rebuilding that, move a house that weighs too blasted much.

Got the "teen" coop moved into position. I use the coop for newbies and "teenage" birds until they are grown. I got a wheeled "thingy" under the back and only had to lift the front. "Thingy" is the only way I can describe it, but it has 12" wheels on the back. Even just lifting the front, it was alot more then picking up 2 bags of feed. Not to mention moving it without dropping it. I really wish I had put it in position before I finished the blasted thing.

The 4'x8' coop has 16" legs. I put one side to the lot and fixed wire from the edges to the lot and around the outside bottom of the house. This will allow the occupents another dry place to get to.

Got the 4"x4" legs cut for the outside brooder I am rebuilding. The brooder is going to be set on a 3' high platform, so I needed Four 3' legs. Treated 4x4s are not the easiest thing to cut when all you have is a handsaw. The 2x4s to complete the platform will be easy to cut. I guess that is on tomorrow's list. In fact I should get the platform done tomorrow. I have the dismantled brooder from 2008 in a pile. Most I can re-use, but I am changing the design a bit so some goes back to the "for the future" area.

I also have to cut a chicken size door in the teen coop and make a door. I am thinking a vertical sliding door will work well. I just need to make a frame for it to go in. I have plenty of scraps around. If I can find a cord long enough I am using a jigsaw.

Got to go with mom to catch her new chickens. A friend is giving her his 1.5 year old hens and I am putting them in the Teen coop and lot.

I think that is all I will do on my list for tomorrow.


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Growing chicks

I have 5 chicks in the brooder. 1 Blue Silkie, 1 white silkie, 2 mottled cochins, and a cochin mix. All are bantams. The brooder/box is in my bedroom. For both vids I was sitting at my computer desk. The brooder is positioned so that I can lay on the bed and watch them at night. Alot more entertaining then the TV.

The first video was from Dec 29th. This was their first day in the larger brooder/box and their first time on shavings. Ignore the sounds from the TV. They were 2.5 weeks old. When I put them in, the window was clean. They made a mess fast. Even their water was full of shavings.

This next one is from Yesterday(Jan 6th). Just one week older and look at how much they have grown and feathered. I have raised hundreds of chicks, but I still love watching them grow.

I put in my order to cackle hatchery for 25 buff orpington Pullets and 25 Black Australorps pullets. The ship date is Feb 10th. I should get them on the 12th. That is 8 days after my 31st birthday.

Thanks for watching,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chick Order ... no sleep ...

I am sitting here thinking through my order for Cackle Hatchery. I am going for their "Heavy Pullets" - 50 count on the "Bargain Specials" page. For those that don't know a pullet is a female chick. I can pick the breeds, but has to be 25 of each. I am getting 25 Buff Orpingtons and 25 Black Australorps. I am also adding in 3 Black Australorp Cockerels(Boys). I want to start breeding them again and hatchery quality is fine for what I am heading for.

In the end I will probably keep 10 Australorps and 5 Orpington Girls for next years layers. My current layers are 4-5 years old and just DON'T produce well with weather changes.

I need to call them tomorrow and confirm their first ship date. I am thinking about adding in 5 Spitzhaubens just for the fun of it. With the 'normal' breeds it is always interesting to add in something 'unique'. The actual breed may change. I can't really think clearly.

I hope to get some sleep tonight, so that I can think tomorrow. I have slept a grand total of 4 hours in the last 3 days. Last night it was just so cold that I worried about the birds all night. I slept about an hour this morning after I let them out, but that was it. Tonight is going to be colder, but I need to sleep.

Thanks for Reading,